Day Trip to Beautiful Blenheim Palace

Our coach excursion in April took 25 CREST members to the scenic Cotswolds countryside before impressing us with the extravagant baroque features of Blenheim, home to the Dukes Of Marlborough since 1722.

Blenheim Palace Blenheim Palace Blenheim Palace

After refreshments we were entertained with stories and family anecdotes of the great Winston Churchill, born and brought up at Blenheim, all in the stunning setting of the Indian Room. A private tour of the State Rooms allowed us to see the famous tapestries which tell the story of the War of Spanish Succession and victory at Blenheim, after which Queen Anne gave the 1st Duke the land and money to build their palace.

Blenheim Palace

Blenheim’s history swings from the opulence of the 4th Duke and the ceilings painted in 21 carat gold, to an arranged marriage to an American heiress, Consuela Vanderbilt, whose dowry saved the family home.

Capability Brown landscaped gardens equally impress and we expect that many members would love to return.