Keep Calm and Carry On!

Speaking in public is something that adults are really afraid of, so on Wednesday May 22nd some VERY nervous people joined our “Speaking with Confidence” workshop. It was led by Maggie from Speakers Trust and she soon made us all realise that nerves are normal and gave some really practical advice on how to manage them.

Maggie showed us how to structure a speech and then it was our turn to have a go. With great trepidation we each made a 40-second speech to the group – on topics chosen by Maggie that ranged from “a pair of goggles” to “fear of beards”! Have you any idea how long 40 seconds is?

Actually, it was quite good fun, and we learned to keep to the point, manage our time and make a positive finish. After lunch we chose our own topic for a 4 minute speech, putting into practice everything we’d learned. There was a real sense of achievement in having managed to speak for 4 minutes and the workshop was a great confidence boost.

So what do you do if you forget something or say things in the wrong order? You keep calm and carry on!

Our "Speaking With Confidence" workshop was sponsored by Macmillan Cancer Support and we are very grateful to them and to Mark Holmes, Macmillan L&D Manager (SE England), for arranging it.