Only when I laugh...
our November Relaxation Day

We know what WE think about the Relaxation Days but we thought this time we'd ask YOU what you thought - and here are some of your responses:

"It only hurts when I laugh… … which is how our group felt when we emerged from the Laughter Yoga workshop at the last Crest relaxation day. Our instructor Pamela began the workshop by explaining the theory behind laughter yoga, for example how it triggers the release of feel-good chemicals called endorphins into the body and how effective it can be. We then began the exercises, gradually increasing the laughter content until at one point our group lay on the floor, heads on one another’s stomachs, laughing like drains! The noise we made must have been deafening! The session ended with some quieter visualisation activities and discussion, presumably to calm us down! We all agreed that the workshop had been energising, uplifting and at the same time, total fun! I can easily understand how the technique would lift depression and encourage people to interact and enjoy themselves. Our group certainly enjoyed it and I reckon most of us would do it again tomorrow."

"My husband was hesitant about coming and he was a bit nervous when he saw that the majority of the crowd were women. However, after his Laughter Yoga workshop, he came out a different man and was almost his normal self again. I was so pleased to see him open up and chat freely to people as he had been low over the last few months."

"I really enjoyed Joanna's slant on Love your Wardrobe as everyone could interact with each other on how we dealt with our wardrobe problems. She gave a lot of good ideas on how to enhance what we have without having to throw everything out and spend a lot of money. Joanna is a lovely lady and very good at what she does and certainly understands the needs of all ages, shapes and sizes."

"I really enjoyed the Zumba class, Claudia made it good fun even though my co-ordination is absolute rubbish."

"I would just like to say a big thank you from my daughter and myself for such a wonderful day yesterday. It was amazing and I can’t wait till the next one, many thanks to everyone."

"I met others in similar situations and shared experiences which helped to put our own experience into perspective. And I had fun! I forgot about worrying and felt thoroughly refreshed from the day."

"I'm grateful to all the therapists and workshop facilitators who give up their time at the weekend to come and provide us with such a range of treatments and activities."

"I was most impressed with the sheer amount of organisation it must have taken to sort that many therapists and participants and yet how smoothly it ran from a patient/carers point of view."

"The day was so well organised with a fabulous lunch, as usual. The variety of therapies and workshops is excellent and the whole day is a real treat with the chance to chat to so many lovely, positive people."

"You all worked so hard both on the day and beforehand and I just wanted to let you know that all that effort is much appreciated."

And what do our therapists think?

"Thank you for such a wonderfully organised day. Even for us therapists it is a treat as everything runs so smoothly and there is always someone on hand to help. The men who carry the tables are fantastic and I for one am very grateful for them."

"All the ladies I know - quite a lot now - had a great time and it's all down to you guys who do all the hard work."

"Thank you for a wonderful day on Sunday. As always, you work so hard and organise a perfect workshop day. You also make all of us feel so comfortable."

"The whole day had a great vibe to it."