A Wisley Good Day!

The weather was very kind to us for our tour of Wisley Gardens on May 18th - it wasn't cold, it wasn't windy and it didn't rain! We had a very enjoyable day with our enthusiastic and very knowledgable guide Sue, who really brought the gardens to life.

Wisley Gardens Wisley Gardens

We met Sue outside the café - the early birds had time for coffee!

Our first stop was at the Laboratory building, for a potted history of the gardens

Wisley Gardens Wisley Gardens

We photographed the beautiful flowers - who could resist the stunning rhododendrons?

... and tasted the leaves of Drimys winteri - rich in vitamin C and very peppery!

Wisley Gardens Wisley Gardens

We climbed up through the rock garden...

... and strolled down to the glasshouse...

... before saying goodbye and thank you to Sue and making our way back to the café for lunch!

Ode to Wisley Gardens

CREST, they went to Wisley, on Friday the 18th May,
How, indeed was the weather, well, the weather it was okay,
At approx 11am, they met Sue, their first class Guide,
Then at the end of their tour, a lunch was enjoyed, outside!

Throughout their Wisley tour, there was lots for all to see,
Beautiful colours and scents, no matter what your taste may be,
Plants, flowers and shrubs, veggies and trees galore,
The Wisley Gardens experience, will make you crave for more!

After the tour and lunch, it was then time to head back home,
But, before a peek in the shop, for a gift or a garden gnome,
Now, CREST'S next booked event, is on Monday the 18th June,
The Hythe Centre Workshop day, if you're going, then see you soon!!

Elizabeth Wyatt

And if you'd like to see more, why not have a look at the slide show?

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